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    Welcome to Global Sanctuary for Elephants!

    We are very excited to be launching our new organization, dedicated to bringing positive change to elephants around the globe.  Our founding board came together initially to create a solution for captive elephants in South America but we recognized that our potential to help extends globally. 

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    Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

    Click here to read more about the pilot project and inspiration of GSfE.

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    Elephants in Brazil need your help

    Meet some of the zoo and circus elephants we visited on our exploratory trip to Brazil and see the future you can help us give them.

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    What is Sanctuary?

    How we define sanctuary is vital to developing the foundation that all of our efforts will be built upon.  By definition, sanctuary is a place of refuge or safety. For our purposes, we believe that sanctuary is substantially more involved.

Why Sanctuary is a Better Choice: Op-Ed Piece by co-founder Scott Blais

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Elephant Sanctuary Brazil Update

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Ramba’s Feet and how they relate to other Captive Elephants

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Ramba is a true gem of an elephant, one that we hope will become one of the future residents of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

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What is it about Elephants?

We are often asked, why elephants? What is it about them that attracts you the most?

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