• elephant-butts

    Maia & Guida’s Rescue Under Way!!

    The girls are doing wonderfully & the plan is to leave Paraguaçu on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

  • Ramba video

    Help Us Bring Elephants Home!

    Watch our video that allows the elephants to show the difference sanctuary makes .

  • elephant sanctuary donation thermometer

    Giving Ground to Elephants

    We have land and now it’s time to pull together and support turning this rural farm into a home of healing and respect for captive elephants- a true sanctuary.  Thermometer updated June 28, 2016

  • Every Elephant Matters slider picture

    Every Elephant Matters

    Read the stories of elephants from around the world, or add your own, so others can understand why every captive elephant deserves a life of sanctuary

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    Welcome to Global Sanctuary for Elephants!

    Presently, there are more than 5000 elephants in captivity worldwide and only 120 of those live in sanctuaries. We want to shift the balance. Read how together we can make that change.

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    Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

    The first elephant sanctuary in South America, ESB will provide a 2800 acre refuge for elephants in need throughout the continent. Click here for more info on our project.

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    What is Sanctuary?

    How we define sanctuary is vital to developing the foundation that all of our efforts will be built upon.  By definition, sanctuary is a place of refuge or safety. For our purposes, we believe that sanctuary is substantially more involved.