Giving Maia and Guida More Space

Maia the elephants and hills

As many of you know, in order to be able to rescue Maia and Guida and not have them sent to another facility, we had to take them before the first full 40-acre area was fenced in. This is the same process we will probably be using to rescue the next elephants as well. It allows us to get them here, let them learn all that sanctuary is about while continuing to grow. Yesterday the girls were given access to the next area that was finished being fenced in. They will still have access to the first area as well.

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Mendoza Zoo Elephants Destined for Sanctuary

Pocha in Mendoza Zoo

Exciting holiday news and a gift for which we can all celebrate. You guessed it-more elephants are coming to sanctuary.

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Maia’s Baby Steps to Learning to Trust

Maia at sanctuary

We have talked about Guida, her feet and how she responded to being closed in on the patio, but we also did some work with Maia as well.

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Guida’s Feet Problems

Guida the elephant

Here at sanctuary we are often fighting an uphill battle when it comes to caring for our elephants. We often receive beings that are severely compromised, both physically and emotionally, from a lifetime that hasn’t met their basic needs as a species. After decades of improper space, substrate, diet and socialization, we are left to nurture their bodies and try to return them back to health. …they are fighters

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