Submitted by Kathryn We visited the Brijuni Park in Croatia yesterday and were taken on a safari park tour. There we saw Lenka the 42 year old indian elephant who was a gift to Tito from Indira Ghandi years ago.

Sadness at the Circus

By Kenneth Took the grand kids to the circus 2004-2005?  A show was done with the elephants doing tricks and one painting pictures.

A Baby, A Passion and A Purpose

by Thyra:  Animals have always been hugely important in my life, from the plight of puppy mill dogs to the horrific tragedy of canned hunting. But it wasn’t until my second safari to Tanzania in 2013 that I truly “got” elephants.

Waking to the truth later can still bring great change

Written by Anonymous I wish I can tell you that one look at an elephant at a zoo made me want a better life for all elephants. It did not start out that way for me

A Letter to Medow

Written by Lisa- My dearest Medow; I believe the world is a wheel. Each spoke important. If we do not take care of all the spokes, the wheel will eventually collapse on itself.  You, are such a majestic spoke, part of such an incredible species, being ruined by the very species I belong too. I […]

These are Truly Elephant DaZe

Story by Phyllis Two years ago I was invited to create a life-sized baby elephant art sculpture for an art show. I knew a lot about art, but I didn’t know anything about elephants (not even that Asian and African elephants were distinct). I’m a quick study. I became so immersed in the plight of […]

Chendra at the Oregon Zoo

Story by anonymous- I worry about each one of the elephants at the Oregon Zoo, and I generally worry about them in this order: First Chendra (she was taken from the wild in Asia); Then Rose-Tu (she was beaten so severely by a zookeeper that it changed Oregon state law regarding animal abuse); Then Tusko (who was […]

180 Degrees

Story by anonymous  I’ve always had a deep love for animals, and known I wanted to work with them in some capacity. I was majoring in Animal Science at a university in the states. Our professor had a great relationship with the local zoo, and we made a fieldtrip there to talk about animal husbandry. The […]

Jerusalem Zoo Elephants, Things I Didn’t Know

Story by Etay- Every year on my birthday, i have visited the Jerusalem zoo. in there were many animals but one species has fascinated me the most, The Asian Elephant. i have been fascinated with them ever since i watched the 1967 cartoon movie “The Jungle Book” where an “army” of elephants was seem marching […]