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This education section is not just for young adults, everyone can take something away from these pages. The elementary section is filled with basic facts about elephants, and tries to relate some of the measurements in ways that smaller kids can connect with. The middle school section goes further into detail about some of the topics just touched upon in the elementary section. Topics like breeding, poaching, intelligence, and the struggle to survive as a species are all delved into. The high school section is geared towards helping students who are interested in working with elephants or wild animals. It discusses a range of job possibilities, cites articles to help narrow down what field they might be interested in, has resources for different wildlife college programs, and then specifically discusses topics and issues that someone can read up on that are extremely important and relevant if a career with elephants is what they truly desire. This section can be used for everything from a school report and wanting to know basic facts about elephants to planning a career with elephants or gaining a better understanding of how profound their crisis has become. If there are topics that aren’t covered that you would like to know more about, or have a specific question you would like us to try to answer, feel free to contact us.


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