Bringing Sanctuary to Life

What is next for Elephant Sanctuary Brazil: We are well on our way to making Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality, but there’s still a tremendous amount of work ahead of us before we can offer sanctuary to South American elephants in need. Elephant Sanctuary Brazil is our pilot project, we know we can help make an impact, providing the expertise and knowledge, but we’ll need your help to offer financial assistance and really kick ESB into high gear.

IMG_4668Animal welfare and legislation is extremely progressive in Brazil, and elephants are next in line to benefit from this.  There is an acknowledgement in Brazil that elephants need more, that their lives are lacking in many ways, that their treatment borders on horrific at times, and the people of Brazil are pushing for change.  It is beyond encouraging to be surrounded by so many that are striving for the same goal.

We have signed the final paperwork on a gorgeously perfect 2800 acres, here in Chapada, that will become the home of captive elephants throughout South America.  But, we need to continue to push forward, with your support, to make ESB a reality for elephants struggling throughout South America, and beyond.  There is a lot to creating sanctuary, so there are always many things we are working on and some that our supporters can help with.

This includes:

  • Initiating contact with potential private donors
  • Working with other South American welfare groups to continue to locate elephants in need
  • Drafting operational documents that will be required by the Brazilian government for us to attain the necessary permits:
    • Operational procedures to ensure safety of staff and animals
    • Protocols that address the potential escape of an elephant
    • Construction parameters, shelters, fencing, etc.
    • Facility design and layout (we can start with basic concepts and adapt to the specific parameters of the property once it is isolated)
  • Isolating key industries and businesses that could potentially provide financial support, material goods or sponsorship
  • tractor-clipart-for-kids-john-deere-tractor-clip-art2.pngLocating suppliers and potential donors for items that will reduce the cost of development greatly (meaning more money for the elephants):
    • Farm equipment
    • All terrain vehicles -4 wheelers
    • Construction equipment
    • Welding equipment
    • Veterinary and medical supplies
    • Steel pipe for fencing- possibly used oil drilling pipe
  • And, as always, trying to improve our Portuguese skills

Now that the land deal for Elephant Sanctuary Brazil is signed and finalized, substantially more details can be worked out, including:

  • Developing a regional veterinary team, primarily a large animal/horse vet that will assist with general veterinary diagnostics.  We’ll have a team of “elephant” veterinarians that we’ll consult with but it is imperative to have local support
  • Detailing the site plan
    • Specify if additional water sources are required (water wells)
    • Design the layout of the fencing and shelters based on topography and specific areas the elephants will resonate with- we have already chosen the area for development of Phase One
    • Locate and design necessary security housing
    • Design and layout perimeter fencing required to protect the elephants from public intrusion
    • Layout the road and trail network, allowing vehicle access to virtually every part of the property in the event that equipment is required to assist an ailing elephant
    • Finalize construction and development budgets
    • Formulate a timeline for construction outlining several phases of growth

phase IDue to the size of the property that elephants truly need, it could take years to construct all of the necessary fencing.  But elephants in South America need our help now. We will expedite the construction of two 20-acre corrals, allowing us to open our doors for elephants in need while we continue to develop the rest of the property.  Compared to the lives they’re coming from, 20 acres will seem like miles, but we know that this amount of space will only touch the surface of the elephants needs.

barnThe first phase of development will also include the construction of an open-air shelter, a place protected from the elements where we can provide necessary medical care and physical examinations through protected contact management- an Elephant Care Center.  Brazil has a very diverse climate but in this area, the resident elephants can stay outside all year without the need for expensive and constricting barns. Elephant Sanctuary Brazil has the potential to help many elephants in desperate need, to provide a healing home where they can live the rest of their lives, a future of peace, companionship and compassion.

There are many ways you can assist with our efforts: We know how extensive the world network of friends and colleagues reaches, if you have friends and family in Brazil that would be willing to help develop contacts or potential donors, please pass them our way.  Any costs we can cut, through donations or volunteers, means more money that goes directly to getting South American elephants to sanctuary. Airline miles can be transferred to our account to cover our international travel to Brazil- this could save approximately $3000 from our budget. As we move forward, please keep an eye on our wishlist as we’ll have countless items that will be required: medical equipment, tools for construction, office equipment, bulk materials, veterinary supplements, etc.  And of course, our ability to make a difference requires financial support – click here for general donations. Follow our progress on Facebook and through our website for frequent blog updates on the progression of the project.

We know these seem like big numbers, so to put the cost of creating sanctuary into perspective, we have included this graph that discusses some of the recent zoo exhibit updates, their size, the amount of elephants and the cost.  We can offer a life to captive elephants in South America that is second to none at a fraction of the cost.  We just need your support to make it happen.

comparison chart

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