Honey and Bambi

Honey and Bambi live together at Zooparque Itatiba.  They were the only elephants we visited in Brasil that seemed to have a truly bonded relationship.  They are in an enclosure with a small pond at the bottom, that is shared with a few hippos and water buffalo.  They have an area up top, where they spent most of our visit, grazing and dusting.  The staff at this zoo were also very open to talking and we discussed their history, introduction to each other, and their progression since.  Bambi and Honey were truly sweet to watch.  Honey is an obvious leader with Bambi following lovingly behind her.  Up close, Honey shows signs of her age, but gets along just fine.  Bambi is more animated, but their relationship is the nicest thing about the two of them.  They ate very close, if not side by side, they were constantly touching and stroking each other, and sharing food, the preferred dusting hole, and water.  And although like most elephants in captivity, they need more space, it was at least nice to see two elephants who clearly cared deeply for each other.

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