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RESPECTING OUR DONORS’ WISHES: Directing donations to the cause of your choice

While general operating dollars are imperative to ensuring that the daily operation of GSE are carried out efficiently, everyone at Global Sanctuary for Elephants is committed to gaining the trust and support of individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of elephants. To ensure that every contribution received is used in accordance with our donors’ wishes, we encourage you, as a potential donor, to review the various options for directing your charitable support.

Our goal is to respect each of our donor’s wishes in the same way we strive to treat and respect each and every elephant – as an individual!

For your convenience and comfort there are many ways to give:

Online -Donate online through our secure processing center with Credit Card or Paypal

Mail- Send your donation through the USPS: PO Box 2426, Brentwood TN, 37024

Phone- Call our office and provide your credit card information to one of our dedicated staff members: (615)-435-9523

Text- You can now text to give, simply text the word “elephants” to 50155

Contributions allocated to the following funds will be used for:

GLOBAL SANCTUARY FOR ELEPHANTS GENERAL FUND: Click here to donate (select the “GSE general fund” option from the drop-down menu in the donation form)

Contributions to GSE General Fund are considered unrestricted and ensure that GSE is empowered to respond to and assist with essential funding wherever the need arises – whether that be unexpected emergency requests for gsfe donatesupport from elephant efforts around the globe, or simply the ongoing, essential administrative costs associated with carrying out our daily mission and raising the public’s awareness of the needs of elephants in captivity.

Our goal is to be diligent in our management of administrative costs, and transparent with our donors and our public regarding our financial status, all to ensure that every dollar contributed truly impacts the lives of elephants in need.

While unrestricted contributions ensure our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands and needs of elephants, many of these essential administrative costs can be minimized through in-kind contributions or underwriting of office supplies and equipment, and in-kind services from individuals and corporate sponsors. Such in-kind opportunities are listed here in our WISH LIST.

ELEPHANT SANCTUARY BRAZIL FUND: Click here to donate (select “Elephant Sanctuary Brazil” from the drop-down menu in the donation form)

esb donateOur pilot project, Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, is ready to make substantial strides forward; by directing your funds toward this effort you are helping to change the lives of captive elephants in South America. In the coming months, and throughout the first few years, we will incur substantial costs for development; land purchase, fencing construction, shelters, water wells, caregivers and security housing…the list is long.

We expect this project to grow rapidly. With your support, a tremendous amount of work, and a little luck it is possible that we’ll be ready to accept our first residents before the end of 2014. In the meantime, we are cultivating pivotal relationships with authorities, officials and elephant owners throughout South America in order to educate about the true needs of elephants and demonstrate the profound impact we can have on their lives and well-being.

RAMBA FUND: Click here to donate (select the “Ramba’s Care” option from the drop-down menu in the donation form)

Ramba lived the hard life of a circus elephant for over 40 years. In 2012 Scott and Kat Blais, in partnership with the Ecopolis, ramba donation pageparticipated in relocating Ramba from the circus to a temporary home, with the eventual goal of moving to a sanctuary in the US. During this rescue, Ramba found her way into our hearts, and we have been trying to aid in her care ever since. Now that going to a sanctuary in the US no longer an option, we are all hopeful that Ramba can become one of the first herd members in Brazil. Ecopolis is a Chilean nonprofit that is currently funding her care, but it is a constant struggle to provide all that is needed, especially since her stay in Chile was supposed to be short-term. Along with general care, Ramba has medical issues that need extra attention. Our hope is to be able to support her, and keep her healthy so she can travel to Brazil and experience true sanctuary, a life that she, and every elephant, deserves. Please check out her Wish List to see what is needed for her care and specifically request what you would like your donation to go towards purchasing for her.


Global Sanctuary for Elephants is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt, public charity status (EIN 46-3564818) and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Your contributions and support are greatly appreciated, and ensure that we can move forward quickly to provide for the wellbeing of elephants in dire need of sanctuary.

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