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Global Sanctuary for Elephants does not receive any government funding.  We rely solely on individual supporters to help us improve the lives of elephants across the globe.  If you are looking for other ways to help elephants find sanctuary, please consider the following alternative forms of giving.  Your support helps us continue our work for those elephants in need.

             Transfer miles: airline miles can be transferred to our account to cover international travel to Brazil- this could save thousands of dollars, which then can be directly used towards creating sanctuary for elephants.  There will be several necessary trip between the US and Brazil, so this is a great way to help reduce overall costs, while helping to get the sanctuary up and running. Click here to transfer miles.


            Gifts in Honor:  Instead of being unsure when you buy a gift, give something you know will make a difference.  Give a donation in honor of a friend or family member.  Simply provide us with their name, address and occasion and we will inform them of your gift.  Whether it be for a birthday, wedding, or a thank you for someone who loves animals, it’s a gift that not only shows that you care, but that you know they do as well.


            In Lieu of Gifts : When it is your time to celebrate – but you have everything you need – consider asking friends and family to make a donation to elephants in need in lieu of gifts – whether it is for your birthday, anniversaries, wedding and even holidays – know that the present you receive is knowing that elephants in need are one step closer to finding sanctuary.


            % of Sales Donated: If  you own a business – contact us to obtain authorization to advertise that a % of the sale of your items will be donated to Global Sanctuary for Elephants. We will post the name of your business on our website so your customers can be assured that their support is truly going to help elephants in need.


             Listing on Ebay:  Through “Giving Works” on eBay, you can donate a percentage of your sale price to Global Sanctuary for Elephants.  Donating a percentage of your sales actually gets you prime listing, so it benefits both you and your charity.  Go to our page to donate a portion of your sales. 

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            Personal Fundraising:  Whether you are riding a bike, running, dancing, or selling lemonade, you can help Global Sanctuary for Elephants while doing so.  Have friends, family, co-workers or church groups sponsor you or contribute to your fundraiser and your supporters become elephant supporters. Not only will you help raise funding, your event also helps spread the word and educate people about the true needs of elephants around the Globe.  Send us pictures and a description of your event and we will post it on Facebook for you to share with our supporters.

            Gifts of Financial Assets:  Gifts of appreciated stock, bonds, insurance and annuities can provide a substantial tax benefit  to you, the donor, while making a  large impact on the lives of elephants in need. For information on how to transfer gifts of financial assets to Global Sanctuary for Elephants, contact us.


            In-Kind Donations:  Make a gift of property.  If you have real estate or personal property you would like to contribute, or if you or a company are interested in donating items like vehicles, cameras, computers, office supplies, even personal airline miles  – In-Kind donations help reduce operating expenses and provide us with the tools needed to help elephants in need.  To make an In-Kind donation please contact us.

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             See our Wish List Page for specific items we currently need donated or underwritten.

            Estate Planning:  You can ensure your on-going support by naming Global Sanctuary for Elephants as a beneficiary of your personal will, IRA, pension plan, or life insurance policy.

            Skills Donations:  Would you like to use your talents to support Global Sanctuary for Elephants?  It takes many people to move mountains. If you feel you can help by donating your services, please contact us.


To mail contributions, send to:
Global Sanctuary for Elephants
PO Box 2426
Brentwood, Tennessee 37024

Or call in your donation to:
(615) 435-9523
Office Hours: 9:00 am- 5:00 pm (Central time)
Monday through Friday

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