Founding Donors

This page is dedicated to those who make all of what we do possible.  A tribute and thank you to individuals who have shown their support during the most difficult time in a nonprofit’s life, the very beginning.  We know none of this can happen without you, and as an acknowledgement of that fact, we will post the names of anyone who donates to this cause during our first 6 months of operation.  To us, you will be the founding donors, the ones who helped shift things from a vision to a reality.  We will forever be grateful.

We would also like to add a special thanks for those who helped us with the many steps taken behind the scenes that all need to happen before being able to take the big leap with going public. They graciously donated their time, skills, and sometimes patience because they truly believe in what we are trying to accomplish. Without them, Global Sanctuary for Elephants would still just be a vision. Special thanks to BDodd Productions for putting together our crowdfunding video, and Paul K. Bisson for doing the voiceover, helping us to spread our message in a way that touches people’s hearts. To Waller Law for all the help with legalities, IRS applications, and preventing us from drowning in paperwork. Marc Filion who helped rein us in and develop the logo for ESB. Lyndell Fox, CPA, who is helping us keep our accounting in order and setting us up on the right path during an extremely important phase of a nonprofit’s existence. To Melanie Carrick, without whom you would be looking at an extremely simple website, probably months later than we were able to share it. And to all of those who we had faith would be there when we did make our announcement, your support was not only needed, but absolutely heart-warming. Lastly, to all of the members of the board who donated many hours towards putting their beliefs into action. Although we have only recently gone public, this project has already been years in the making. It has been a huge commitment by everyone involved, but will all be beyond worth it when the first elephants walk through the gates and begin to start their journey towards a new and better life.

Donor Dedication Donor Dedication
Susan Carrick In memory of Fay Morris Merilee Newman In memory of Fay Morris
Rich Hendele Elke Riesterer
Barbara Bayley Paulette Touby
Laura Cotter LuAnn Parins
Kathleen Taylor Lynne Johnson
Enrique Garcia Sybil Lefebvre
Lanette Durham In memory of Judy Jones Betsy Dodd
Claire Blais Sandra Estes
Tory Braden Mary Nicholas
Leanne Kingwell Jill Pennington
Mark Burke and Kim Lulasky In memory of Joanna Marie Burke Louise Carroll
Terry Newell In memory of Fay Morris Suzanne Garrett
Lois Knight Veronica Kolbin
Paola Castillo Elizabeth Croes
Hannah Tai Ann Williams
Elise Zoli Mario Chiozza
Shirley Cullen Patricia Clements
Phyllis Rose Caz C
Debra Moore In memory of Fay Morris Lydia Scheidler
Miss V L Boult Cora Moore
Jean Bird Ana Moreira
Melanie Carrick In memory of Fay Morris Toni Rapone
Alexis Hilliard Linda Goodwin
Carole Klinko Satisch Ray Hiera
Dorothy Barnes-Butlet Mary Ann Marchowsky
Cassia Hering Sabine Zell
Lauren Drexel Sanzone Kimberly Gallagher
Annette Wetherby Polly Kaczmarek
Clark Steele Jody Stickney
Juanita Eisinger Brettlyn Roberts
Grace Kang Shelley Morris In memory and honor of Fay Morris
Shelley Rae Norman Blais
Kate Cabot Milica Rados
Robert Luhrs Mary Ann Marchowsky
Alyssa Otero Toby Wolter
Susana Wyse Melissa Floyd
Laurie Doyle Vlad Tikhovskiy
Joe and Patty Baughman Carissa Serino
Laura Dickinson Jordan Rozsa
Andrew Phinney In honor of Suz Marie Annette Wetherby
Aryn Carlson Amy Umbel
Peter Dickson Alicia Reeves
Ashley Ehmann Opal Leonard
David and Elaine Craig Romina Pasutti In memory of "Gin"
Laurie Hollman Yogi Zain
Gail Beck Matthew Vandenhengel In honor of Suz Garrett
Carrie Lundberg Robin Heard
Catherine Becker Nicola Finch
Lia Cavellucci Barbara Van der Veer
Melanie L. Kaufman Amanda Guthrie
Amateo Ra Cindy Abernathy
Romiko Derbynew Elizabeth Clayton
Diane McDonnell Michelle Oviedo In memory of Jim Oviedo
Rachele Reynolds Happy Anniversary Linda L. Heinicke
Mimi Suedmeyer In Honor of Bonnie Hermle Get better! Fight!