General Wishlist

Due to shipping costs and import taxes, it is not feasible to buy items in the US to have shipped to Brazil.  We hope to soon be able to offer direct links to products that can be purchased in Brazil.  For now, you can choose the item you want to purchase or put any amount of money towards, and specify on the donation page. When there, select “Wishlist items” from the dropdown menu. On the next page   there is a box “Item I would like to buy”- you can specify which item you would like your donation to go towards there.  Thank you!


Backhoe and operator for 30 days
Need 1

elephant sanctuary backhoe

We have a unique opportunity and generous offer from one of our neighbors, wanting to help expedite the arrival of elephants.  For just $3500 we can use his backhoe and very skilled operator for the next 30 days!  With materials on their way, roads to fix and a elephant care center to construct, this is almost too good to be true and infinitely appreciated.

Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit
Underwritten 2/10/16
Donated by Elizabeth Volkmann which means this weekend begins cutting of the tubes!!! How exciting is that?

With the arrival of the steel tubes, it is time to cut them to the right length and turn them into an Elephant Care Center! Kit includes 60 ft. of hose as well

Cement Mixer
Need 1

sanctuary mixer

As we prepare to start to construction our first two elephant corrals, we’ll need to mix a lot of concrete to secure the vertical posts in place.  This mixer is imperative to keep things standing when elephants are concerned.

Sand, Gravel and Cement
$80 per cubic meters
Need 75

elephant sanctuary concrete

To concrete more than 800 fence posts into the ground, we will need about 75m cubic meters of concrete at a total price of $6,000. You can help by covering the cost of 1 cubic yard, enough for 11 fence posts.

Underwritten 2/28/16
Donated by Carolyn Borkowski and now we can put the pipes together once they are cut apart. That’s how you make an elephant care center. Woohoo!


We’ve got the steel, we’ve got the torch to cut it to the proper size, now we need the welder to connect it all and make it into an Elephant Care Center and fencing so we can start rescuing elephants. This tool is a must-small but mighty.

Concrete for the foundation of the steel panels of the Elephant Care Center
$160 per cubic meter
Need 50
12 beautiful meters of concrete donated on 5/1/16 by Human-Risk Management Ltd. 
Absolutely fabulous!!! Now we can start making the Care Center a structure worthy of the elephants!
1 meter donated on 8/27/16 by Michelle Riche- more names in the beautiful concrete

concrete truck for building Elephant Care Center

The trenches have been dug and the already fabricated steel panels are ready to be set into the ground and covered in concrete.  This project requires 50 cubic meters at a total cost of $8,000.  Donate the price of one cubic meter to help defray the cost – throw in an extra $40 and we’ll send a picture of your name or message forever embedded into the first elephant care center.

Welding Electrodes
$130.oo for 44 lbs
Need 4

Electrodes for elephant fence

These are necessary for our stick welder and holding all of the steel together. One box goes a long way, enough to construct 330 linear feet

Welding Wire
$85.00 per 10 lb roll
Need 4

mig wire for elephant barn

This wire is needed for our beautiful mig welder. Without it, we can’t make fences or gates. This little wire is very important for sanctuary.

Oxy-Acetylene hose
1 underwritten 7/3/16 by Thyra Lees-Smith in honor of Oscar!!
Perfect timing the one that came with the kit just split 🙂

oxy acetylene hose

This hose is for our torch. We need an extra 30 feet to be able to reach across the work site. And since the tanks have to be mounted and anchored- we can’t just move them. So the extra hose is a must.

Welding Helmet
2 underwritten 3/23/16
Donated by Thyra Rutter in honor of Arte of Elephants Co-Founder David
We see the light!!

welding helmet

We have our beautiful welder, now we need some supplies to safely use it to begin putting together fences and a barn. This lovely helmet will make it so those spending long hours welding together the Elephant Care Center don’t get sunburn on their eyes and can still see when they are done.

Clear Safety Glasses
$4.00 a pair
4 underwritten 7/3/16 by Thyra Lees-Smith in honor of Oscar!!
Also great timing since the chainsaw has just been fired up again.

Saftey_Glasses clear

We need these for just about everything, well everything we like to be able to see.

Tinted Safety Glasses
$4.50 a pair
Need 4

tinted safety glasses

We are also included a few pairs of tinted safety glasses, since the sun here is very strong and with some work, a little tint goes a long way.

Welding Gloves
2 Needed

welding gloves

Fingers are a good thing to have, so we need a couple of pairs of gloves to protect our welders while they work!

Tanks for the Torch
Oxygen Tanks
4 Needed
Acetylene Tanks
2 Needed

oxy acety tanks

To save money (lots of money) we are renting tanks for our torch. Without these two different tanks of air, our torch does nothing, but mix the two and you have a wonderful flame that cuts through all the steel we need. So these are definitely a must have item.

Tool Boxes
5 Needed

tool box

Thanks to our generous supporter, we are becoming well stocked with tools, but now we need somewhere to store them. Because of the MANY projects we are working on at the same time, different people go in different directions. Several boxes will allow transport of tools safely and prevent them from getting misplaced.

Large Tool Storage Box
3 Needed

large tool box

All of our lovely tools need a home base while they are not out in the field being put to good use. We treasure our tools and need to keep them organized, safe and locked away. These tool storage boxes are essential for protecting items that we simply can’t build sanctuary without.

Pressure Washer
Underwritten 2/28/16
Donated by Theresa Kim and it has the best name ever! Wait for it……”Zuzu”


pressure washer

What sanctuary is complete without a pressure washer? Initially used for cleaning the many used construction supplies that we are recycling to turn into sanctuary, but its permanent home will eventually be at the Elephant Care Center.

Skid Steer Rental for One Month
Need 2
$30.00 underwritten on 2/10/16- anonymously
1 month underwritten 3/11/16
Donated by the very fabulous duo Carolyn and Michael Borkowski- Nothing like having equipment that saves tons of time-helping
to get elephants to sanctuary faster.
Another $780 donated by Carolyn and Michael Borkowski 3/16/16


This is a bigger price tag, but you can donate a portion towards the overall total. This machine is a necessary and versatile piece of equipment. When working with so much steel, you need something to give you a much stronger hand-without it, nut much gets done. This can be used for lifting, moving, digging and even fixing the roads after torrential rains. There isn’t much it can’t do and it is worth every penny.

Tow Chain
Need 2

tow chain

You guessed it, we need these chains for towing and securing things. Like the straps above, they will be used to handle the steel pipe but are also very useful in helping to get other equipment out of the mud that has become vehicle suckers since our 4 day downpour.

Extension Cords 100′
$50.00 each
Still need 2 more
1 underwritten 12/7-now we can plug in our tools more than 10 ft. from the house!!
Purchased with change leftover from both Wayne and Carolyn (local store gave us a discount)

100' ext cord

Who doesn’t love extension cords? Just a tidbit of information:they actually don’t come put together here, you have to buy the plug and wire and make them yourself. Doesn’t make them any less useful though. With minimal power sources, we will need a few, and we will need them to be long.

Lifting Strap
Need 2

lifting strap

These straps are great for maneuvering the steel to get it just where we need it, without losing any fingers-which is very important. We will have many loads of steel coming and have a huge need for 2 of these

Stihl Brush Cutter
$450.00 each
Still need 1 more
1 Brush Cutters underwritten 12/5-Look out weeds and brush!!
Donated by Wayne Holt and named ‘Becky’

stihl brush cutter

Anyone who has worked or volunteered at sanctuary has probably spent a ton of time weed eating. These brush cutters will allow us to clear paths for the fence lines and clean up necessary areas. It has both a weed eater and a blade attachment for those serious areas. And, as we’ve seen throughout the years, Stihl products can take a beating and keep working-which is also necessary at sanctuary.

Ratchet Strap
Both underwritten 3/15/16 by Arte for Elephants
To Support the Global March for Elephants & Hands Off Fest, Austin, TX
In Honor of the Great Austin Elephant Lovers! Judy & Sherry

rachet straps

These straps can be used for almost anything, but our immediate need will be for moving steel and tying down the oxygen tanks that are needed for the torches that will be cutting all of the steel. Something we just can’t function without

Cordless Drill Kit
Underwritten 1/24-Perfect timing to work on the old cattle corral!
Donated by Elizabeth Volkmann

cordless drill

This took will offer the versatility of not having to remained plugged in-giving us superb flexibility with where and when it is used. And oh boy will it be used!

Back-up Generator
$250.00 Underwritten towards the purchase by a lovely anonymous donor. More than halfway there!
The remaining $200.00 underwritten 2/9/16 by a different fabulous anonymous donor. Electricity is wonderful!


Beautiful, middle of nowhere property means that power sometimes goes out after a big storm for several days (yes, several). Initially, this will be used for when power goes out, until a back-up system can be set up. This generator is also easy enough to pack and go-to allow us to use all of the electric tools throughout the habitat. They just don’t make extension cords long enough, or battery operated tools here powerful enough.

Reciprocating Saw
1 underwritten 2/7-And it was an easy decision for Scott (he was given a choice) Donated by Carolyn Borkowski

reciprocating saw

When you need to cut things on the go, there’s simply no other tool you could possibly want more. Super handy and functional. Will help us save money by repurposing old structures, turning them into new needed ones.

Fiberglass Extension Ladder
$225.00 Each
Still need 1 more
1 underwritten 12/21- Now we can be safe and responsible when working up high, our parents will be happy!
Donated by Ms. Suzanne Shaps

fib ext ladder

Tall Elephants mean tall walls and ceilings. In order to properly construct the Elephant Care Center and pick some nice mangoes for the elephants, we will need a couple of ladders to do the job safely.

9″ Angle Grinder
$133.00 each
1 underwritten 12/5-Now that’s how you make a steel pipe look pretty (and get rid of sharp edges)! Donated by Carolyn Borkowski

9 grinder

This tool is an absolute must for steel work-both for the Elephant Care Center and for putting together the fences. We are requesting 2 sizes because the 9″ is a powerful monster of a grinder, but unfortunately is heavy and can be exhausting when working on miles of steel. Some jobs just can’t be done without its power.

4 1/2″ Angle Grinder
$75.00 each
1 underwritten 12/17-Now we can grind pipe without getting quite the workout.
Donated by Arte for Elephants- In memory of Big Gus

45 grinder

Like above, this tool is used for grinding steel for fence work. Unlike the beast of a 9″ grinder, the 4 1/2″ grinder is much less exhausting, which is great when putting together miles of fencing.

Fire Extinguisher
$47.00 each
Still need 2 more
1 underwritten-it’s always nice to know you can put out a small fire if needed-Thank you!
Donated by Arte for Elephants


Now this one should be pretty self-explanatory. Not only are they just a good thing to have in general, but when working with welders, it is imperative to have fire extinguishers at your side, just in case a spark gets away from you-and the mini ones just won’t do.

Circular Saw
$180.00 each
1 saw underwritten 12/5- Time to turn an old cow corral into something new!
Donated by Wayne Holt and named ‘Ann’

circular saw

This saw is going to be used for concrete forms and wood construction. Although a lot is made from steel, the human fencing will be concrete and we’ll need to use wood throughout the property as well. Being able to cut materials on site is a must to get things done-especially since town is 1 1/2 hours away.

Post Hole Digger
All 3 underwritten 12/22-Now this is where the work really gets dirty!
Donated by a very loyal anonymous donor

post hole diggers

Anyone who has used one of these may have just cringed at the listing, but we need them. Until we are at a point where we can purchase an auger, the holes will be dug the old fashion way-by hand. With construction of 2 fences going on simultaneously, we will need a few of these to get the job done.

Stihl Chainsaw
$260.00 each
Both Underwritten
One “Mark’s Chainsaw” underwritten 12/3-First toy, I mean tool of the sanctuary!-Donated by Mark Weinheimer and LuAnn Parins
One “Mama Claire’s Chainsaw” underwritten 12/22- Donated as a gift by Norm Blais. What girl doesn’t want a chainsaw for a present? I do!!

stihl chainsaw

As a preface, we aren’t intending on cutting down any huge trees, but we will need to cut some smaller ones. Stihl chainsaws are great, even the smaller models (which is what this one is.) A very necessary piece of equipment when it comes to building in the middle of nature.

Breaker Bar
1 underwritten-a tool we will love and hate all at the very same time!
Donated by Arte for Elephants

breaker bar

We go back to the old fashion way of doing things with this listing as well. There’s nothing like trying to dig a hole and not being able to get past a big rock. This tool will be used to help dig out rocks along with other issues where leverage will come in handy.

Air Compressor
1 underwritten 12/7- Donated by Wayne Holt

air compressor

Since we are 55 km from the nearest tire store, an air compressor will be a vital piece of equipment. Not only will it help with inflating tires on all of the different vehicles that will be on the property, it is also needed for any pneumatic tools we are lucky enough to have.

Work Gloves
$5.00 Each
All 12 pairs underwritten 11/25-Now we can be stylish and blister free-Donated by Lisa French

work gloves

In order to try and save our hands, work gloves are a must. With all of the digging, pulling up of old posts, and pounding in of new ones, this small purchase will help to minimize the amount of charming blisters that will form until we toughen our hands up again.

Misc. Hand Tools
Tools underwritten 12/23-Pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers Oh my!
Donated by Carolyn Borkowski

misc tools

This listing includes all of the small items that would take up half a page.  Things like hammers, wrenches and so on. While small in size, the need for these items is enormous.

Safety Goggles
$8.00 Each
All 6 pairs underwritten 12/5-Woohoo! We can see!! Donated by Arte for Elephants and their fans


With all of the tools listed above, it should be somewhat self-evident as to why we need safety goggles. Just in case you want another reason, Brazil has a lot of thorns. We would all like to make sure we can see when working with elephants, so this piece of protective equipment is much appreciated.

1/2″ Hammer Drill
$180.00 each
1 drill underwritten 12/7-One very manly tool coming right up!
Donated by Wayne Holt and named “Pookie the Drill”

1_2' hammer drill

Because of all of the concrete that will be used in the development of sanctuary, both for human and elephant fencing, this tool is a must.

First-Aid Kit
1 underwritten 12/23- I think we can all feel a little bit better with this purchased, although we hope to not really need it.
Donated by Terri Gits

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 7.30.39 PM

We may have mentioned being in the middle of nowhere once or twice. With having to travel a bit for first aid, and working around and on all of the equipment listed above, there is bound to be one or more wounds along the way. This will let us either patch ourselves up and keep working, or keep us in one piece until we can get somewhere that can do a better job.

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