Maia & Guida’s Elephant Rescue Wishlist

 There is a lot that goes into rescuing an elephant, and since Maia and Guida are the first two elephants to be rescued to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, their list is a little longer. Please look through the list to see what items you would like to purchase or put money towards to help make their homecoming possible and comfortable. Once you know what you would like to buy them, go to the donate page and choose ‘Wishlist items’ from the dropdown menu. On the next page there will be a space labeled “Item I would like to buy” where you can write in which items you would like your gift to go towards.  


Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow
All 3 underwritten by Alison Bilbrough- Now we won’t have to move their poop by hand. Lovely!!
$75.00 Each

elephant wheelbarrow

Why not start with poop? In Brazil wheelbarrows are tiny and would fit about two piles of elephant poop. Since we are in our early days we’ll be cleaning up the good old fashion way-so we will need to purchase a few Heavy Duty wheelbarrows to get the job done.

 Manure Shovels
2 underwritten 7/20/16 1 by Richelle Duckwall and 1 by Mary Taylor-apparently the ladies felt it was best if we were not picking up dung with our bare hands 😉 1 underwritten Mary Taylor 10/2/16

$38.50 Each

elephant dung shovels

To go with our wheelbarrows, we will need some large and sturdy shovels. At least they will get a test run with Asian dung and be broken in a bit by the time Africans arrive.

Heavy Duty Rakes
All 3 underwritten by Janna Davenport- now we can satiate our OCD desires to clean up every last bit of uneaten hay!!

elephant hay rakes

To clean up the hay that usually accompanies the dung, rakes are the other must. Although hay supplementation will be minimal, it will be used to help put weight on-so Guida will absolutely be needing some.


5000L Water Storage Tanks
1 underwritten 7/1/16 by Mary Marchowsky- Water makes for very happy elephants 🙂

3 needed
$720 Each

Water storage for elephant barn

Water is essential for all life, and we will need to ensure there is fresh, clean running water available at the barn at all times. 3 of these tanks will be for rain collection and 1 will be the primary storage at the headwater of the natural spring.

2″ Water Line
200 feet underwritten 9/30/16 by Ami Scott – wonderful help in getting fresh amazing spring water to the girl
2000 feet still needed
$1900 total or sponsor as much as you would like at 80 cents per foot

water line for elephant care center

To get the water from the spring to the Elephant Care Center, we will need quite a bit of water line. This will allow us to not only have pristine drinking water for the elephants but will mean no monthly water bill.


ATV/Four Wheeler
1 underwritten 9/23/16 by numerous donors through a joint fundraiser by Friends of Lucy, Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants, Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants and Friends of Ruth & Emily
We are honored they came together for our elephants and helped with this absolutely necessary piece of equipment. Together, for the elephants

4 wheeler for elephant habitat

This is an absolute must-have item for elephant care. It ensures we are always just a moment away when needed. Regularly it will allow us to check on elephants and deliver their meals and supplements safely wherever they choose to roam.


General Lighting
10 fixture needed
2 underwritten by Sheryl Stewart-that will shed a little light on things 🙂
$26 each or $260 total

simple light for elephant barn

Lights! We need two types of lighting, this one is for general ambient lighting throughout the barn. Not too bright but bright enough for everyone’s safety and comfort

High Intensity Critical Care Lighting
3 underwritten 7/1/16 by Mary Marchowsky- We see the light!!!

3 needed
$60 each or $360 total

critical care lighting for elephant sanctuary

This type of lighting will be used near the critical care chute allowing a fully illuminated view for better visibility of medical issues that need to be carefully and thoroughly examined.

Water Hose
3 100′ sections needed
$45 each or$135 total

Water Hose for the elephant sanctuary

Lots and lots of water hose. It will be used to give the elephants drinks, cleaning up the barn and so much more. To keep the water source safe, we need quite a bit.


2-40 Foot Containers
2 needed
$3,500 each

containers for provisionary clinic at elephant sanctuary

The clinic will be renovated from two used shipping containers, allowing for faster, less expensive building. They will provide a space for food preparation and storage, caregiver break area, office, veterinary storage and more as well as a lookout balcony allowing us to keep an eye on our precious girls.

Renovations of Containers for Clinic
1 needed

container renovations

This money will go towards turning the containers into livable workable space. This includes running electric and plumbing, installing doors, windows and storage and creating a balcony space for observation.


Part of elephant care is being ready for any and all emergencies. For this we’ll be developing an emergency response kit. These will contain everything from medications, fluids, IV sets to slings and snacks to ensure caregivers and vet team stay nourished during the potentially long situation. Through the coming weeks, more items will be added, but we wanted to start with one that will be needed during transport as well.

6″ Wide 5 Ton Lifting Strap or Sling
3 needed
One underwritten by Clare McCabe- thank you for providing security that we always hope we don’t need.
$150 each

elephant lift sling

These are essential in an emergency where you need to assist an elephant in standing or aid an elephant in staying on their feet. Although we would love to avoid these events, it is imperative to be prepared.


There are many items that go into the feeding and care of elephants. Big and small, each is a necessary part of keeping all of the elephants that will find sanctuary happy and healthy.

Blackstrap Molasses
1 underwritten 7/14/16 by Richelle Duckwall, 3 underwritten by Carolyn Borkowski, 3 underwritten by Mary Taylor- you guys are on a roll and making their grain taste sweeter by the minute! Last 5 underwritten by Terry Newell. Thank you ladies! Now we can deliver their supplements the good old fashion delicious way 🙂
$11 each

elephant molasses

It was actually quite a project to find unsulfured blackstrap molasses in Brazil. Now that we have, aside from having a little celebration, we need to stock a few bottles. This is something that is used to mix in the elephants’ grain to allow the addition of other much needed supplements. The elephants love the taste, but it also provides many minerals including iron.

Footsoak Herbs
2- 1lb bag of each herb needed
1 lb of Calendula underwritten 7/21/16 by Carolyn Borkowski- our favorite of the herbs 1 lb of each of the other herbs (Rosemary, Lavender and Chamomile) underwritten 7/24/16 by Deborah VonAlt- now we can make some beautiful tea and soak some feet 🙂
$94 for a 1 lb bag of all 4 herbs or $40 for Calendula, $10 for Rosemary, $21 for Lavender and $23 for Chamomile per pound

elephant foot soak

Foot disease is still one the most common causes of death in captive elephants and many elephants that will arrive will need extra care to get their feet back to a healthy state. Due to being on chains, Maia and Guida constantly stand in contaminated mud, which can lead to many foot problems. Foot soaks are necessary for treating foot issues because of the depth in which you want your treatment to penetrate. This combination of herbs has been used successfully in the past, and we would like to use it here as well.

Footsoak Bucket
1 underwritten 7/17/16 by Terry Newell who knows how important foot soaks are for the ellies. 1 underwritten by Mary Taylor 10/2/16
$38 each

elephant foot soak bucket

We can’t do foot soaks without the buckets for them to rest their feet in. These rubber buckets are the perfect size for soaking feet and are flexible as well. This allows for learning elephants to step incorrectly and not damage the bucket.

1 underwritten by Arte for Elephants in honor of the Molasses Mavens! 2 wonderful groups we are proud to have supporting us

elephant foot rasp

We already know that Maia and Guida have some very overgrown toenails. Because of their bone structure, this places weight on their bones, causing discomfort. The rasp is the most comfortable way to file down the length of their nails.

Hoof Knife
3 underwritten by Mario Chiozza 10/10/16 & 3 underwritten by Richard Patton 10/7/16-pretty toe nails here we come!

elephant hoof knife

These are an awesome tool for shaping nails and ensuring they continue to grow evenly. They can also be used for some pad work, although we have a favorite tool for that as well

Router Blades
2-10 packs underwritten 7/16/16 by Arte for Elephants, and the handles to boot!

router blades for elephant foot work

Speaking of favorite tool for pad work….these router blades do a great job of not only taking down overgrown pads, but also opening up the treads of an elephant’s foot to allow for better traction and ensure rocks don’t get stuck

Blade Handle
2 handles underwritten 7/16/16 by Arte for Elephants, clean and perfect pads here we come!

router blade handle

Since we can’t hold the little router blades with our fingers, we will need two of the appropriate handles to allow us to do the pad work that will be necessary on these girls

Apple Cider Vinegar
continuous need
12 donated by Arte for Elephants on 9/11/16 Clean feet coming right up!!


ACV elephant foot soaks

ACV is another product we will use in the elephants’ foot soak. It is gentle yet has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, and of course they can drink it or bathe in it if they choose (which is always a possibility.)

Short-term Probiotic
2 underwritten 7/19/16 by Jane Wilson- Maia and Guida will be on the road to recovery before even hitting the road!

elephant probiotics

GI health is very important, we already know both Maia and Guida are on an inappropriate diet and that diet will change at sanctuary. This probiotic will be given just before their move to help their system adjust to the change in diet- helping to prevent diarrhea and symptoms of colic.

Long-term Probiotic
4 needed to start: on-going need

long-term elephant probiotics

An inappropriate past diet and Guida’s problems with digestion are cause to put both girls on long-term probiotics, at least for the first six months after their arrival. Their natural balance of flora in their GI system will need to be restored and this will help.

Ulcer Guard
Underwritten by Maureen Corso 10/2/16- just part of protecting Guida’s sensitive stomach!

elephant ulcer guard

Sadly, we have worked in the past with elephant that have suffered from extensive ulcers that have prevented proper absorption of nutrients. This can be a hard issue to diagnose, so we will try this ulcer paste, once Guida is settled, to see if there is a notable difference. It is a safe but effective way to treat what can be a severe issue.

Joint Supplement
1 underwritten 7/22 by Suzanne Barker- she allowed us to choose and since we know how important this is-this was our choice 🙂 1 underwritten by Judy Collins 10/7/16
 on-going need

elephant joint supplement

Along with feet, joint issues and arthritis round out the leading cause of death in captive elephants. Decades of standing on inappropriate surfaces and inability to walk far distances lead to all captive elephants having some level of degeneration. This supplement contains all of the major players needed to help ease the pain and aid in recovery.

“Red Cell”
1 underwritten 7/19/16 by Dorothy Phillips- time to get their bodies healthy again!
1 more needed to start: on-going need

elephant iron

This is as close of a supplement as we could get to “Red Cell”. It is a supplement that provides much needed B vitamins, iron and other vitamins and minerals for support. It is a must for elephants, but especially those who are new to sanctuary and in need of a lot of physical healing


It will be the end of the dry season when the girls arrive, so we will be supplementing their natural forage. Guida, due to being severely underweight, will receive supplemental food until she no longer needs it. The grains will need to be shipped into Chapada since they are not commonly used for horses here, which makes them a little more expensive.

$34 for a 66 lb. bag
2 underwritten by Richard Patton- making the girls happy
 on-going need


Oats are a grain loved by elephants, but they are also high in fiber and contain a unique antioxidant compound that reduces the risk of heart disease. We’ve never known an elephant to turn them away, but there’s always a first 😉

$33 for a 55 lb. bag
1 bag underwritten 7/22 by Suzanne Barker-our choice and a yummy one at that! 1 underwritten by Richard Patton 10/7/16
 on-going need


Another source of fiber that elephants like a touch more than oats. Barley also offers a specific fiber that feed friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, helping to maintain their population. Friendly bacteria play an important protective role by crowding out pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria and preventing them from surviving in the intestinal tract.

$14 for a 44 lb. bag
2 underwritten by Richard Patton- donating to put some weight on our new girls!
on-going need


We will be feeding bran in smaller quantities with the other oats. It is high in iron and helps bind all of the grains together along with the molasses and supplements that will be added to their diets.