Bambi is another example of an elephant with nowhere to go.  Bambi currently lives at the Leme Zoo, after being confiscated from the circus for abuse and mistreatment.  There wasn’t a facility that was able to take her, so a temporary facility was erected at the Leme Zoo.  The zoo has worked hard to care for Bambi, but they are aware that they are not able to provide for her what she needs.  Her space, although it has grass, is small and she is alone.  She was interactive when we initially arrived (we were the only ones around at the time) and was attentive to our talking to her, but she never vocalized.  She was just on the brink of being silly, you could see it in her face, sticking her tail out, just a half a step away, but never got there.  We were brought closer to look at her, and she was respectful but much more reserved with people up close.  She’s a cute little grandma of an elephant who would flourish with some space and being surrounded by those of her own kind.

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