Ramba: Hopefully Fate Is On Her Side This Time

Today is the first day of our fundraiser to bring Ramba to sanctuary. We are focusing our fundraising efforts on Nov 28th, but donations are now open- for those who have been asking.  https://www.crowdrise.com/global-sanctuary-for-elephants 

Ramba’s story is a little tough because once we drove away from the circus lot, everyone involved thought her life was about to turn around- we all thought she would have sanctuary. The day was full of such happiness and positivity. Read More

Maia On a Mission

Miss Maia wasn’t about to let a little tree come between her and dinner the other night. We drove up to see a small tree down across the creek and didn’t even have a moment to contemplate what Maia was going to do before she decided it was no match for her. Read More

Maia and Guida: Happy Elephants Coming And Going

Not sure what it is about elephant butts, but they are adorable.

Maia and Guida continue to do incredibly well. They are mellow, smiley and silly. This morning Maia, on her way out, stopped and lazily put her foot up on the gate. Scott went over to pet and touch it and after a moment Maia took it down and quickly ambled over to Guida who was somewhat close, standing under a tree. When she got there Maia blew loudly and gave a little trumpet. Seems Maia wanted to make sure her and Guida went exploring together this morning and that she didn’t get left behind. 

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Maia and Guida: The Explorers

At this point, we rarely see Maia and Guida all day until we go out to find them. We usually get at least one storm a day, and the cooler temperatures (still in the 70s), new green vegetation and available water are making it so the girls have no desire to come and visit the barn. We go out into the habitat to deliver hay, mostly because Guida still has a bit of weight to gain, but it seems they’re having all of their needs met out in the habitat. Read More