• Female Asian elephant

• Age: estimated at 51 (no official records)

• Weight: Approx. 9,000 lbs, (kept a little chunky for health reasons)

• History: Ex-circus elephant 40 years (alone most of her life)

• Current location: Roadside Zoo in Chile 5 years (only elephant)

• Personality: Easy breezy, very grounded, but not interested in physical affection

• Health: pre-existing kidney and liver issues, but doing very well. Stable

• Factoid: Very rumbly, likes standing on her fence to eat willows just out of reach



Status of her relocation: 

• Judge order to be sent to ESB

• Habitat built (she will share a space with Maia and Guida)

• Brazilian license obtained

• CITES permits need to be initiated

• Must go through 30 day quarantine

• Already trained for necessary testing


Her story:

Ramba is known as the last circus elephant in Chile, although her circus life began in Argentina. In 1997, she was confiscated from the circus “Los Tachuelas” for issues relating to abuse and neglect. Although she was officially “confiscated”, Ramba remained with the circus, but was not allowed to perform.

Ecopolis, a small NGO in Chile, started a campaign to have Ramba removed from the property of the circus, where she continued to lead a solitary and abusive life. Years later they gained permission and made plans to relocate her to a roadside zoo as a temporary home. After several failed attempts at loading her into a trailer, Scott and Kat Blais, were asked to come to Chile for her relocation. The judge stated it was Ecopolis’ last chance. Although the day of the move was less than smooth, with issues involving the circus and police protection, Ramba graciously boarded her transport trailer and was brought to her new home.

After arrangements for her to go to a sanctuary in the US fell through, Ecopolis was faced with the responsibility and expenses of caring for an elephant and finding her another suitable home. Elephants are a big responsibility and a geriatric elephant with several pre-existing health conditions is a handful. Global Sanctuary for Elephants has stepped in, helping to direct her care, training caregivers, providing funding for supplements, paying caregiver salaries and offering her the home she needs to live out the rest of her life with other elephants, roaming through pastures and forests, enjoying a life of retirement.

Ramba is an utter gem of an elephant but she hasn’t found the security to fully open up emotionally. Although she loves human interaction and companionship, she does not long for human touch. She has two phenomenal caregivers, Carolina and Consuelo. They can touch her; it’s just not something that she necessarily looks for or engages with. Vocally she is also very reserved, she will rumble but does not vocalize in other ways (no squeaks, burps, trunk pops, whistles, etc.) We believe that when she is with other elephants, this will change. Hopefully being with other beings that can truly understand her journey, in a protected space, will allow her to become vulnerable to the healing she still needs to go through.

You can help support Ramba now, before she makes her trip to sanctuary. If you would like to purchase items directly needed for her care, you can check out her wishlist and buy her a gift.  To give towards her general care and help provide her with everything needed before her journey home make sure to choose ‘Ramba’s Care’ from the menu on our donate page



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