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Why Every Elephant Matters

Our Every Elephant Matters campaign is the result of a single statement that was made a year ago.  The 3 Toronto elephants (Thika, Toka and Iringa) were being moved to Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and someone questioned why you would spend that much money to move just 3 elephants, when you could save hundreds in the wild with the same amount. This thought was beyond foreign to us, but that’s because we know elephants as individuals, we’ve seen their healing and transformations. This is something we want for every elephant, because they all matter and it’s something they all deserve.

People’s passion for elephants run deep, but many times it is connected to those they know: the elephant at their local zoo or an elephant at sanctuary they have read the stories of. Our goal is to try and bring awareness to the individual stories of many elephants around the globe.

They all have a story that deserves to be heard.

We are encouraging people to share the stories of an elephant who has touched their life, changed the way they see elephants, or changed something in themselves. They can be from anywhere, they can be an elephant that has already passed, they can be captive or wild, or they can even be an elephant that you don’t know the name of or only had a momentary connection with.

We ask you to share your story, and to read other’s stories as well. Connect with the hearts of other elephants out there, get to know them, begin to care about them as an individual, on a more personal level. There are approximately 6000 elephants in captivity, and with only about 150 in true sanctuaries, that leaves many that are in need of a better life and in need of someone wanting it for them.

No matter who they are, whether they are a trekking elephant, a performing elephant, in a circus or zoo, in the wild, if they have already found sanctuary, or are still begging on the street, help others truly understand why “Every Elephant Matters”.

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